• DX500 series inverter won the Caimrs Automation Product Award
    Post time: Mar-19-2024

    Hangzhou, March 14, 2024 At the intersection of technology and industry, the 22nd Annual Automation and Digitalization Conference opened grandly in Hangzhou today. This is an event integrating innovation, technology and industry insights, attracting many experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and indus...Read more »

  • E280 series inverter renewed and upgraded
    Post time: Mar-01-2024

    Recently, Simphoenix Electric’s classic product E280 series inverters have been optimized and upgraded, and the product has added RS485 communication functions. In the past, when users used the communication functions of the E280 series, they needed to configure an additional IOV-D105 communicat...Read more »

  • Simphoenix DX500 series won the CMCD 2023 Innovative Product
    Post time: Jan-03-2024

    On December 22, 2023, the 2023 China Motion Control/Direct Drive Technology Industry Development Summit Forum and Awards Ceremony organized by China Transmission Network was grandly held in Shenzhen. Big names gathered and innovation surged, presenting a wonderful industry feast . In the face of...Read more »

  • New PCBA workshop opened to help enterprise development
    Post time: Nov-03-2023

    In October, Wanwei Industrial Park ushered in a major change. The new PCBA workshop was officially opened, marking a major innovation in the company’s production methods. The PCBA workshop opened this time will realize self-processing, further promoting the automation and intelligence of th...Read more »

  • DL300 series won mportant award again!
    Post time: Aug-24-2023

    On the evening of August 18th, at the “2023 Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Award Ceremony” hosted by the leading industrial information media Ringier Trade, Simphoenix DL300 series inverter won the 2023 Intelligent Manufacturing Industry – Ringier Technology Innovation pri...Read more »

  • 2023 Marketing Centre Mid-Year Meeting Held Successfully
    Post time: Aug-03-2023

    Shenzhen Simphoenix Electric Technology Co., Ltd. held the 2023 Marketing Center mid-year Summary Meeting under the theme of “Work Together, Create Brilliant” on July 28-29,. The meeting was held in the newly-built Wanwei Science and Technology Park, aiming to take the results of the ...Read more »

  • Simphoenix 2023 Refrigeration Exhibition ended successfully
    Post time: Apr-19-2023

    On April 7, 2023 , the much-anticipated global industry event – the 34th International Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Food Freezing Processing Exhibition ( referred to as 2023 China Refrigeration Exhibition) was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Cent...Read more »

  • Simphoenix won the Caimrs Innovation award
    Post time: Feb-26-2023

    With the restoration of production and living order in the post-epidemic period, the economic operation has gradually stabilized and picked up. The reports of the two sessions of many provinces emphasized “boosting market confidence, stimulating market vitality, stabilizing growth, and expa...Read more »

  • Simphoenix won the Caimrs Breakthrough Award
    Post time: Sep-26-2022

    The 22nd Automation and Digital Annual Conference was held in Beijing on 26th,August. The elites in the industrial field gathered in Beijing to discuss development strategy under the new situation, and release interpretations of market trends. As the technical drive of the manufacturing, the fus...Read more »

  • New product release: DL300 series open-loop vector type general inverter
    Post time: Jun-29-2022

    To achieve its carbon peak and neutrality targets, it is urgent for China to promote rapid development of new energy industry and the transformation of traditional industry to save energy and increase efficiency. Frequency converter as a motor control system and a key part of industrial energy sa...Read more »

  • New product: DL100 series universal low-power inverter
    Post time: Jun-13-2022

    DL100 series is a small general-purpose inverter developed based on a new software and hardware platform to meet more market needs. It has the characteristics of small size, simple operation, complete protection functions, stable and reliable operation, and can be flexibly applied to various proc...Read more »

  • Topping out ceremony of the New Park
    Post time: Jan-14-2022

    On the morning of December 22, 2021, the Wanwei Science and Technology Park, invested and constructed by Shenzhen Simphoenix , held the grandly topping-out ceremony in the Huizhou Smart Ecological Zone. The president Yu Gongjun, vice president Yin Wenxia and other cooperators attended the ceremon...Read more »

  • Simphoenix won the CMCD Innovative Product Award
    Post time: Jan-03-2022

    The “China Motion Control/Direct Drive Industry Development Summit Forum and Awards Ceremony” organized by China Transmission was grandly held in Shenzhen, On December 28, 2021. DL100, the new product launched by Simphoenix in 2021, won the CMCD 2021 Innovative Award with its excelle...Read more »

  • New product release: DX100 series vector general inverter
    Post time: Sep-18-2021

    DX100 series is a new vector general-purpose inverter, which inherits on the excellent performance of Simphoenix high-end series inverter. With the vector control, V/F control algorithm, flexible parameter configuration, abundant expansion interface and hundreds of fault...Read more »

  • Simphoenix attend Zhejiang Textile, accelerate the recovery of knitting industry
    Post time: Jun-11-2021

    Zhejiang International Trade Fair for Textile and Garment Industry (referred to as ZJTEX) has been successfully held over twenty sessions. In 2021, ZJ textile show was held together with Yiwu Knitting Fair, covering the whole industry chain of knitting. Simphoenix, as th...Read more »

  • Exhibition notice: Simphoenix will attend Zhejiang Textile Show
    Post time: May-21-2021

    Zhejiang International Trade Fair for Textile and Garment Industry(referred to as ZJTEX) has been held over twenty years, which is the bellwether of Zhejiang, even the national textile industry. Yiwu as the famous international capital of small goods and the cluster of china textile industry, gre...Read more »

  • Exhibition Review: Simphoenix help refrigeration industry energy efficiency
    Post time: Apr-23-2021

    On 7th, April,2021, China Refrigeration was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. With the theme of Strong foundation, Quality priority, Internal and external coordination, Low carbon development, the expo attracted lots of famous enterprise from the field in R...Read more »

  • Simphoenix will attend to the ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition
    Post time: Mar-19-2021

    ITES Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM) has become the largest advanced manufacturing technology and high-end equipment show in the South of China since it came into being. Under the background of the rapid development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao , ITE...Read more »

  • Wanwei Technology Park start construction
    Post time: Jan-16-2021

    On January 7, 2021, the Wanwei science and Technology Park, invested by Shenzhen Simphoenix Electric Technology Co., Ltd. ushered in a grand commencement ceremony in Huizhou Tonghu intelligent ecological zone. The president Yu gongjun, vice-president Yin wenxia and other high level executives att...Read more »

  • Simphoenix won the Most Competitive Brand
    Post time: Jan-15-2021

    China Motion Control and Direct-Drive Forum Summit was held in Shenzhen Pingshan on 17, November. Organized by China Chuangdong Technology, the summit attracted hundreds of industrial talents to discuss ways to build smart future. 2020 is a special year to China manufacture. The economic situati...Read more »

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