Simphoenix DX500 series won the CMCD 2023 Innovative Product

On December 22, 2023, the 2023 China Motion Control/Direct Drive Technology Industry Development Summit Forum and Awards Ceremony organized by China Transmission Network was grandly held in Shenzhen. Big names gathered and innovation surged, presenting a wonderful industry feast .


In the face of adversity, Simphoenix Electric has demonstrated its perseverance and vitality. In May, Simphoenix Electric Wanwei Technology Park ( Phase 1 ) was officially put into use, and a new PCBA workshop was subsequently opened, promoting the intelligence and automation of the company’s production. With the expansion of production scale, the company has taken further steps in R&D innovation and product innovation, and its production capacity has also been rapidly improved. The new products DX100 and DX500 series have been put into full production.

In the awards ceremony that night, Simphoenix Electric’s DX500 series high-performance closed-loop vector inverter won the CMCD 2023 Innovative Product Award in the field of motion control for its excellent product performance. This honor is an affirmation of Simphoenix Electric’s continuous innovation in the field of motion control and a high degree of recognition of its product performance.


The DX500 series is a high-performance closed-loop vector inverter launched by Simphoenix Electric in recent years. It fully inherits the company’s high-performance vector control, has excellent dynamic performance and strong overload capability, and achieves low-speed and high-torque output. In addition, this series of products The standard permanent magnet synchronous motor control algorithm integrates simple servo, indexing positioning and other servo functions. It supports Modbus, CANopen, DP and other communications. It can be used with expansion cards to expand various rich and powerful functions. The maximum output frequency is 2000Hz and the maximum power is The 800kW model is a high-performance vector inverter with superior performance and complete functions. It is widely used in equipment in the cable, machine tools, metal cutting, petroleum, chemical industry, lifting equipment, textile, printing and dyeing, and ceramic lamp industries. It can easily cope with various industries. Complex industrial sites.


Looking forward to the future, Simphoenix Electric will continue to adhere to its original aspirations, adhere to the spirit of innovation, continuously improve its own strength and product performance, and provide users with better products and services.

Post time: Jan-03-2024
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