2023 Marketing Centre Mid-Year Meeting Held Successfully

Shenzhen Simphoenix Electric Technology Co., Ltd. held the 2023 Marketing Center mid-year Summary Meeting under the theme of “Work Together, Create Brilliant” on July 28-29,. The meeting was held in the newly-built Wanwei Science and Technology Park, aiming to take the results of the first half of 2023 as the anchor point, in-depth deployment of the second half of the development plan.


Yu Gongjun, general manager of the company, took the lead in delivering a speech, saying that since the beginning of the year 2023, the market environment has been different from the expected one, and in the process of continuously coping with the challenges, all departments have given full play to their subjective initiative, made attempts in various aspects, and achieved certain results. With the first phase of Wanwei Science and Technology Park plant put into use, the production capacity has been rapidly improved, empowering the high-quality development of enterprise. The work in the second half of the year should ensure a clear direction and objectives, do a good job of work planning and task decomposition, and solidly promote the gradual implementation of various plans.


At the meeting, all colleagues of the business department in turn sorted out the work in the first half of the year, summarizing the work achieved, problems found and experience accumulated. All participants actively interacted, analysed deficiencies, discussed in depth, and put forward feasible solutions.


On the second day of the meeting, for the new products launched by the company in the past two years, colleagues from the R&D department conducted relevant product training and application training, aiming to enhance everyone’s understanding of the new products.

旁门左道出品PPT版式库_副本201305909_1690785724_副本_副本After the training,  everyone enjoyed the dinner together.




Post time: Aug-03-2023
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