Simphoenix won the Caimrs Innovation award

With the restoration of production and living order in the post-epidemic period, the economic operation has gradually stabilized and picked up. The reports of the two sessions of many provinces emphasized “boosting market confidence, stimulating market vitality, stabilizing growth, and expanding domestic demand”. Under the main tone of recovery and restart, China’s industrial control automation industry will usher in new development opportunities in 2023.

Interpret the industry trend and grasp the development pattern

On February 24, the 2023 China Automation + Digital Industry Annual Conference organized by, which gathered multiple resources and platform advantages, was grandly held in Suzhou. As the summit of the most influential brand in the automation industry, thousands of industry elites and many industrial giants gathered here to discuss the economic development situation in the post-epidemic cycle and grasp the opportunities brought by the new round of industrial upgrading


Intensify digital intelligence , Junfa New Industry
The ability of China’s industry to withstand the test of the epidemic and changes in the economic structure cannot be separated from the strong pull of leading companies, outstanding people and innovative products, and it cannot be separated from the continuous innovation and progress of digital intelligence capabilities. As the most influential brand summit of China’s automation + digitalization, Simphoenix Electric DL300 series inverters won the Caimrs Automation Innovation Award in the 20th annual selection of automation and digitalization held by Caimrs .

D L300 series open-loop vector inverter is a low-power general-purpose inverter launched by Simphoenix Electric in May 2022. The body of this series of inverters continues the consistent compact style. On the basis of vector control, open-loop vector control of permanent magnet synchronous motors, RS485 communication interface, and standard braking unit are added, which greatly expands the application field of low-power general-purpose inverters. DL300 series also has flexible parameter configuration and perfect alarm protection. It is a low-power vector general-purpose inverter with more superior performance and more complete protection functions. It can easily meet the communication networking requirements with other automation products.


Post time: Feb-26-2023
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