Simphoenix attend Zhejiang Textile, accelerate the recovery of knitting industry

Zhejiang International Trade Fair for Textile and Garment Industry (referred to as ZJTEX) has been successfully held over twenty sessions. In 2021, ZJ textile show was held together with Yiwu Knitting Fair, covering the whole industry chain of knitting.

Simphoenix, as the important automation product and solution provider, dedicated to offering the intelligent and integrated solutions to help customer create more value.

Simphoenix attended the Zhejiang Textile show with various star product and innovated solutions.

Strong start textile system solution

DX200Z series inverter is especially designed for textile industry, suitable for the system which need super-fast startup like the hydraulic loom, air jet loom, rapier loom. It can be adapted to the 3.7kw strong startup motor with built-in synchronous motor control algorithm and asynchronous motor control algorithm.

Double twisting machine system solution

The scheme uses integrated design, integrating motor control of spindle mechanism, winding mechanism and transverse mechanism, the transverse mechanism uses CA150 series system, characterized by high integration and small size, convenient for installation, debugging, and maintenance. It integrates the control process of double twisting machine and has excellent protection function and abundant expansion function.

Post time: Jun-11-2021
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