E280 series inverter renewed and upgraded

Recently, Simphoenix Electric’s classic product E280 series inverters have been optimized and upgraded, and the product has added RS485 communication functions.


In the past, when users used the communication functions of the E280 series, they needed to configure an additional IOV-D105 communication card . In this upgrade, RS+ and RS- interfaces are directly added to the power segment of 4kW and below. For power segments of 5kW and above, delete the original DI6 and AO2 interfaces , and add RS+ and RS- interfaces. The new version of the E280 series inverter no longer requires an additional communication card, and the RS485 communication function can be realized through the machine itself.

New control board port



Old control board port



Please note the changes in wiring methods .

wiring diagram_副本

If the user needs to continue to use the DI6, AO2 and AI3 ports, the new E280 series control board also provides a full-featured I/O expansion card ( IOV-D200/IOV-D201 ) , which integrates all unconnected ports on the new control board . I/O functions to meet the diverse needs of users.

Post time: Mar-01-2024
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