New PCBA workshop opened to help enterprise development

In October, Wanwei Industrial Park ushered in a major change. The new PCBA workshop was officially opened, marking a major innovation in the company’s production methods. The PCBA workshop opened this time will realize self-processing, further promoting the automation and intelligence of the company’s production .


The new PCBA workshop mainly integrates the important links of SMT production and DIP production that have been outsourced for a long time.

SMT is a surface mount technology that uses highly automated and high-precision equipment to automatically install components on PCB boards. Its main production processes include QR code laser engraving, solder paste printing, component mounting, reflow soldering and AOI inspection.


DIP production covers component molding, plug-ins, wave soldering, AOI inspection, post-soldering processing, testing and three-proof processes. The introduction of these new production lines has significantly improved the automation and intelligent manufacturing capabilities of Wanwei Science and Technology Park.


The new production line integrates production, testing, and overcoating, reducing interruptions and handovers during the production process. This means that the company will be able to control the production process more efficiently and ensure consistency and stability of production . With the introduction of the PCBA production line , the company can better grasp the core aspects of its own production and reduce its dependence on external suppliers.


This change is not only the optimization of the company’s internal production process, but also part of the long-term strategic layout. By better controlling the production process, companies can not only increase production efficiency, but also reduce potential production risks and speed up delivery . Looking to the future, we will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, constantly optimize production processes, and improve service levels to meet customer needs as our top priority.

Post time: Nov-03-2023
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