Simphoenix won the Caimrs Breakthrough Award

The 22nd Automation and Digital Annual Conference was held in Beijing on 26th,August. The elites in the industrial field gathered in Beijing to discuss development strategy under the new situation, and release interpretations of market trends.


As the technical drive of the manufacturing, the fusion of automation and digitalization is more and more important. New product, new technique and new application is the symbol of industry process. To record and recommend the innovations which drives forward development of Chinese manufacturing, the “2021-2022 Automation and Digitalization Annual Award “was held based on the fields of automation, digitalization, industrial robotics and industrial interconnection.


In the 20th annual automation and digital selection, the cone crusher project from Simphoenix won the Breakthrough Award.


Project Background
The environment of the cone crusher project is extremely harsh. A large amount of dust and debris and the exposure under the blazing sun, put forward strict requirements on the protection level and heat dissipation. In addition, it accompanied by strong vibration during operation, and the apparatus is required to have a certain vibration resistance.

According to the technical requirement and performance, Simphoenix customized a special inverter for the corn crusher industry on the basis of the hardware platform and software algorithm of the high-performance vector inverter.
We made a lot of customization in the aspect of hardware platform, structure and the aseismatic function to meet the requirement of the industry. Since it was put into use, the apparatus is proved to be stable and reliable, its performance has been highly recognized by the customer.

In the future, Simphoenix will optimize and upgrade the product continuously, and take advantages of the technology and fast response to pay attention to the customization to satisfy the customer’s various need and bring better product experience and value.

Post time: Sep-26-2022
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