Simphoenix won the Most Competitive Brand

China Motion Control and Direct-Drive Forum Summit was held in Shenzhen Pingshan on 17, November. Organized by China Chuangdong Technology, the summit attracted hundreds of industrial talents to discuss ways to build smart future.

2020 is a special year to China manufacture. The economic situation affected by coronavirus become more complicated, besides, the decline of market demand put intolerable pressure to industry. However, there are also hidden vitality in the crisis. Facing up with the sudden epidemic, simphoenix organized internal resources and support the production of epidemic prevention material like mask machine. In the post-epidemic era, simphoenix focus on industrial solution and offered customized product and innovative solution to expand marketing share. 

Simultaneously, we strengthen the layout in the field of intelligent logistics, robot, IOT during the expansion in the traditional industry. Relying on the performance in 2020, Simphoenix won the CMCD 2020 Most Competitive Brand in the Motion Control Field.


Following the policy of new infrastructure, the automation industry is moving toward the direction of Internet and intelligence. As the supplier of automation product and solution, Simphoenix inherit on the spirit of “innovation and never stop improving” to create much more value for customers. In the future, we will improve ourselves continuously and strive for the upgrading of China manufacturing industry

Post time: Jan-15-2021
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