DX500 series inverter won the Caimrs Automation Product Award

Hangzhou, March 14, 2024

At the intersection of technology and industry, the 22nd Annual Automation and Digitalization Conference opened grandly in Hangzhou today. This is an event integrating innovation, technology and industry insights, attracting many experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and industry leaders in the fields of automation and digitalization.


In the annual selection of automation and digitalization , Simphoenix Electric’s DX500 series high-performance closed-loop vector inverter won the 2023 Caimrs Automation Innovation Product Award after comprehensive research and judgment by industry organizations and professional media . This award not only recognizes Simphoenix Electric’s technological innovation capabilities, but also further consolidates Simphoenix’s technological leadership in the field of automation.


The DX500 series is a new generation of market-oriented high-performance closed-loop vector inverter created by Simphoenix Electric. It fully inherits the company’s high-performance vector control, has excellent dynamic performance and strong overload capability, and achieves low-speed and high-torque output. In addition, this series The product comes standard with a permanent magnet synchronous motor control algorithm, integrates simple servo, indexing positioning and other servo functions. It supports Modbus, CANopen, DP and other communications. It can be used with expansion cards to expand various rich and powerful functions. The maximum output frequency is 2000Hz, and the maximum The power model is 800kW. It is a high-performance vector inverter with superior performance and complete functions. It is widely used in equipment in the cable, machine tools, metal cutting, petroleum, chemical industry, lifting equipment, textile, printing and dyeing, and ceramic lamp industries. It can be easily handled Various complex industrial sites.


Richer control algorithms
-Inherit the excellent performance and stable quality of the previous generation products to meet the needs of users in more industries.
-Integrate asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor control algorithms into one.
-Integrate speed, torque and simple servo control into one.
-Servo positioning function, which can realize simple servo operation such as spindle positioning at any angle, pulse control, stop angle setting, etc. function.

Fast torque response and high speed stabilization accuracy

-The torque response time is less than 5ms, the zero-speed torque can reach 200%, and the torque control accuracy can reach 1%.
-With 8 one-to-one virtual output and input ports, complex engineering field applications can be realized without external wiring.
- Easily achieve synchronous transmission of multiple machines and can freely choose to achieve linkage balance of multiple machines based on current, torque and power.

High hardware reliability
-Core modular optimized design, more stable and reliable.
-Uses DC fan for heat dissipation, which has good heat dissipation effect, stable performance, and is easy to disassemble and clean.
-Up to hundreds of communication expansion cards, I/O expansion cards, industry function cards, and PG cards are optional, suitable for more complex industries and working conditions.

Powerful industrial bus expansion capabilities
-Powerful, open, flexible and scalable platform that can expand a variety of industrial buses.
-Supports Modbus-RTU, Profibus-DP, and CANopen bus protocols to improve the technology of the equipment and enhance the flexibility of customer applications.
-Standardly equipped RS485 communication port for communication with multiple inverters.

Refined design
-Miniaturized design, the volume is reduced by 25%.
- 45kW and above are equipped with DC reactor as standard, with higher power factor.
-More compact cabinet applications, built-in input AC reactor for 450kW and above.
-Built-in braking unit for 22kW and below

Post time: Mar-19-2024
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