New product release: DX100 series vector general inverter

DX100 series is a new vector general-purpose inverter, which inherits on the excellent performance of Simphoenix high-end series inverter. With the vector control, V/F control algorithm, flexible parameter configuration, abundant expansion interface and hundreds of fault alarm, DX100 series inverter is a superior vector inverter with complete protection function.


-Machine spindle, Wood carving, Grinding, Textile machine, Cable

Smaller structure

·Upgrade again!the volume decline 20%~57% compared with E580 (under the same power)

·Independent air duct and downdraught design, improve the internal heat dissipation

More powerful software function

Greatly upgrade for the software part, the maximum running frequency can up to 1000 Hz, meet the requirements of cutting, carving and milling industry easily.

More outstanding control performance

It has been greatly improved in important indicators such as starting torque, speed regulation range, speed stabilization accuracy, torque control accuracy, and torque response time.


More abundant I/O interface


After preliminary pilot production and strict on-site testing, the DX100 series inverters below 110kw is off the assemble lime formally, 132kw~315kw is still under development and is expected to be put into production before the end of the year. This product is a new generation of Simphoenix Electric’s main market-oriented product, with a maximum output frequency of 1000Hz, which is widely used in supporting markets in various industries.

Post time: Sep-18-2021
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