New product release: DL300 series open-loop vector type general inverter

To achieve its carbon peak and neutrality targets, it is urgent for China to promote rapid development of new energy industry and the transformation of traditional industry to save energy and increase efficiency. Frequency converter as a motor control system and a key part of industrial energy saving, its market scale will further expand under the trend of gradual recovery of product.

With the idea of “smaller volume, lower energy consumption, better cost performance”, Simphoenix released a series of mini-type universal ac drive in the product upgrading in recent years. In April, Simphoenix launched the new product—DL300 series open-loop vector universal inverter after the release of DL100 series.


This is a super small ac drive with elegant appearance and excellent performance, inherit the control algorithm of simphoenix high-end inverter, support asynchronous motor VF and open-loop vector, permanent magnet motor open-loop vector control, and flexible parameter configuration, which is a vector inverter with superior performance and complete protection functions.




Widely applied in the food machinery, engraving machine, woodworking machine, textile and PV new enegery.


Compared with DL100, the new product has new change.

a.DL300 series product has two modes: general loading mode and steady light load mode, making it more flexible and changeable in the application site.
b.The power range increased to 15kw, the frequency up to 1000Hz.
c.Add the permanent magnet synchronous motor open-loop vector control, mature control algorithm, stable and reliable.

Post time: Jun-29-2022
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