Wanwei Technology Park start construction

On January 7, 2021, the Wanwei science and Technology Park, invested by Shenzhen Simphoenix Electric Technology Co., Ltd. ushered in a grand commencement ceremony in Huizhou Tonghu intelligent ecological zone. The president Yu gongjun, vice-president Yin wenxia and other high level executives attended the groundbreaking ceremony.



Wanwei Technology park is located in the Zhongkai Hi-tech Park of Huizhou. With the covering area of 30,000 square meters and construction area 80,000 square meters. It belongs to China-South Korea (Huizhou) industrial Park, which insist on industry-directed, developing advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industry and high-tech industry around the semiconductor, intelligent manufacturing, 5G and other industrial direction and industrial chain, we strive to build Tonghu ecological wisdom zone and China-South Korea (Huizhou) Industrial Park into a new industrial development highland.

The strategic scheme is highly consistent with the layout of simphoenix, which is the reason for the settlement of new technology park. On the basis of existing facilities, Wanwei technology park will be built into a modern and generous industrial park as the manufacturing center for the whole product lines. By building a modern production base integrating production, R & D and intelligent manufacturing with industry benchmarking significance, we will further expand the scale of production and manufacturing and improve the comprehensive service capacity.

Sketch of industrial park 1

Sketch of industrial park 2

It is a huge milestone in the development of Simphoenix. The project will not only improve the production capability and plant environment, also strengthen the hard power of enterprise and expand the development space to lay a solid foundation for the implementation of modernization, informationization and intelligent manufacturing .

New beginning means new journey. Simphoenix will take the construction of new technology park as turning point to focus on the automation field and keep improving in product development and manufacturing and provide customers with advanced integrated intelligent solution and service. Best wishes to the constructions of new industrial park.

Post time: Jan-16-2021
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