Simphoenix 2023 Refrigeration Exhibition ended successfully

On April 7, 2023 , the much-anticipated global industry event – the 34th International Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Food Freezing Processing Exhibition ( referred to as 2023 China Refrigeration Exhibition) was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Guests and friends from all over the world gather here, becoming a beautiful landscape of the refrigeration industry in 2023 .


At the Exhibition, Simphoenix Electric made a grand appearance with a variety of central air-conditioning dedicated cabinet-type inverters and industry solutions, aiming to promote technical exchange in the industry and help the implementation of the “Double Carbon” goal. The innovative products and solutions in the field of heating, ventilation and refrigeration are displayed intensively through physical exhibits and pictures, helping users to save energy efficiently and reduce energy consumption.


wonderful review
-Special cabinet type inverter for commercial central air conditioner


Based on Simphoenix’s most advanced V series high-performance vector inverter software and hardware platform, it is a dedicated cabinet-type inverter developed for the central air-conditioning and refrigeration industry. It is mainly used to control and adjust the speed and torque of three-phase asynchronous and synchronous motors. The heat dissipation mode of the frequency converter can be selected from air cooling, water cooling, and refrigerant cooling, which is suitable for flexible control of screw or centrifugal units.

Application field
Central air-conditioning screw, centrifugal water-cooled unit (host)
- Airborne design, small size, high degree of integration, high power density
- High protection level, more complete machine protection
-Low harmonic solution design, optional active power filter (APF )

Highlight 2: Fan/Scroll Compressor Drive Scheme
Integrated plate design, covering 2P-45P compressor drive; small size, easy installation, can match the mainstream compressor brands in the market; forced air cooling and refrigerant cooling scheme, the design life of the whole machine is ten years.


Relying on its own solid foundation and continuous R&D investment and innovation over the years, Simphoenix continues to innovate, vigorously deepens the market application of energy conservation and emission reduction, and expands industrial innovation in the field of heating, ventilation and refrigeration. The rich product system presented at the exhibition further meets the broad market demand, and also demonstrates the company’s large-scale and customized production and supply capabilities. We will continue to innovate and forge ahead, and continue to bring customers better product experience.

The 2023 China Refrigeration Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. We look forward to seeing you in the coming year!


Post time: Apr-19-2023
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