Simphoenix won “CMCD the Most Influential Domestic brand”

The second ten-years of 21 century is over in 2019.

Faced up with severe pressure and challenge, manufacturing industry is stuck on a kind of plateau of slow growth. Under such background, the”2020 Intellect Manufacturing and China Motion Control Drive Forum” was held in ningbo, zhejiang province. Organized by China Transmission website, China Motion Control Industry Alliance, the forum took the” Innovation and Future” as the theme, aimed at exploring the opportunities and challenge in the stage of transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry.

Simphoenix adjusted its strategy in 2019 and expanded its marketing share by two ways. On the one hand, we look for more valuable and promising industry, such as engraving machine, Food, air compressor and textile, offer personalized solution for customers and extend towards medium and high-end field. On the other hand, we developed from single inverter manufacture to comprehensive automation solution supplier. Relying on its performance in 2019, Simphoenix won”“CMCD the Most Influential Domestic Brand” in the Award Ceremony.

In the future, Simphoenix will move forward with the spirit of innovation and enterprising, and bring better products and service to customers, at the same time,  make contributions to China intelligent manufacturing once again.

Post time: Aug-06-2020
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