New Beginning: 2019 Simphoenix Spring Festival Gala

Simphoenix 2019 Spring Festival Gala was held in 25,January in Shenzhen headquarter.


The dinner started with the speech of president Yu gongjun. He said the past 2018 is a special year that real economy take big hit. Fortunately, we overcome the difficulties and kept a relative growth. Faced with a more complicated marketing environment in 2019, we need improve ourselves and enhance competitiveness.


The development of company depends on the efforts of all the employees, and the support from suppliers. Simphoenix set up awards to commend those who performed excellently in 2018 and devoted themselves to the glory of family through their strengthen.


The gala reached a new climax with the selection and performance. An audio-visual feast made by dance, singing, sketch and crosstalk, displaying the talents of employees and a different mental outlook.






Anyway,  sorrow and happiness is past, yet the unachieved dream is waiting for us to come true.

Post time: Jan-27-2019
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