New Arrivals : CA200 Series Servo Drive

CA200 series servo drive is an economical servo drive unit, integrating various intellectual control theories, rapid current response, humanity operation method and parameter design. It reduces the technical requirements for the users and decreases the difficulty to match with upper system.

Based on a new software and hardware platform., CA200 could be suit for various industrial area with flexible extended function and ensure high performance-price ratio.




-various control mode like position, speed, torque and multiple compound control
- overload capacity up to 3 times
-power range 100W~7.5kW
-adopt RS485, CAN communication interface, support Modbus, CANopen communication protocol
-motor with high power density,matched 17bit+16bit multi-ring absolute encoder
-built-in inertia identification, self-tuning and vibration suppression algorithms

Model Table:



Drive Dimensions:


CA200 series servo motor is going to put into production. We look forward its application in the field of package, printing, food machinery,CNC textile, machine tools and wood working carving.

Post time: Dec-17-2018
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