Meeting in the summer: Graduates of 2019

July is the month of graduation and the beginning of career.

The graduates from all over the country got together in shenzhen headquarter, taking the first step to the society.
In the welcoming meeting, on behalf of Simphoenix corporate, the president Yu gongjun expressed warm welcome to new participants. He introduced the strategy on talents training, and hoped that new employees adapt to the new environment as soon as possible. In addition, the president told the history of Simphoenix, which make them have a more profound understanding for the enterprise culture and lay a foundation for transformation and location.


To help graduates enter to the workplace, the company organize a series of orientation training for a month. New employees will go to the manufacture headquarter and accept rotation practice among Assembly Line, Testing, Packaging and after-sale to learn the process of product and quality control. After the training they will return back to the post and inaugurated a formal process in the working.

Technical training is synchronized with comprehensive training during internship period. the latter mainly covered with enterprise culture, employee handbook, rules and regulations, product, safety management, and the former related to department like R&D, sales. The trainer composed of managers will impart professional knowledge to every new employee to help get involved in work as soon as possible.

The orientation training is an important guideline for new employee to adapt to new environment and identify themselves. We believe new employees can beyond themselves through ceaseless study and practice.

Post time: Aug-30-2019
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