Meet in July

Every year, a group of new graduates from all over the country will come to shenzhen and join Simphoenix. They are young, full of energy. With the curiosity to the unknown, a little fear for the society, the graduates embarked on a new career journey in Simphoenix.

The registration time delayed one week compared with past years for the continuous influence of corona virus. Simphoenix held a reception for the new comers. The president Yu gongjun gave warm welcome and introduced the enterprise history and culture. He inspired graduates to cherish the platform and gain achievements in this new post and new environment. The administration executive put forward five points: service, study, team, rule and gratitude, and hope the graduates to observe, think and summarize in the work and become stronger.



In order to make the new employees quickly integrate into the enterprise and satisfy work demands, Simphoenix arrange a one-month career training for all new employees based on its cultural value and basic skill required in the workplace. By course teaching, brainstorming, interview and factory practice, new employees have a deep understanding for the culture and quality assurance. And then, they will come back to the post after a series of course training and the career life starts.

We hope the young people integrates into team as soon as possible, and realize their own value in the new position. Following the development of company, we work together to build a dream.

Post time: Aug-10-2020
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