2020 New Year Party

At the end of year, new year party is always mentioned with the new year movies. On 17th, January, 2020 Simphoenix New Year Party was held in shenzhen headquarter as usual. A grand meeting was successfully held in the efforts of everyone .


The new year party started with a speech of president Yu gongjun. For the performance got in 2019,he gave a positive appraisal and expressed gratitude for all employees. The past 2019 was fulled with difficulty for the fierce marketing environment, but we made progress at different aspects result from all the efforts. Next year is one year still accompanied with opportunities and challenges, and all of us have to get motivated to overcome the difficulty.


The development of company is owed to the efforts of everyone, who deserve the award and applause for their hard work. Especially, for the people who have been working in Simphoenix over ten years, Ten Year Gratitude Award was set to thanks for their company.


With the start of a wonderful show, the annual meeting officially kicked off. The audience were deeply impressed by the awesome show, such as dance, singing, sketch, cross talk. Besides, the game and lottery is a necessary part in the party, the leader prepared a generous gift for all the people.

Chinese Zither

Stage play

People expressed best wishes for each other and the new year part ended with cheers.

Post time: Mar-16-2020
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