• V800

    EM3 series human machine interface

  • V800

    DX200 series close-loop ac drive

  • V800

    CA100 seeria servoajam

  • V800

    E500 seeria mini-tüüpi ac drive

  • V800

    E280 seeria üldiselt vektor ac drive


Shenzhen Simphoenix Electric Technology Co, Ltd on riigi sertifitseeritud erasektori kõrgtehnoloogia ettevõte, samuti tarkvara ettevõte tunnustatud Shenzhen Science and Information Bureau. Asutatud aastal 2004, Simphoenix on peamiselt tegelenud R & D, tootmine, turustamine ja teenuse tööstuselektroonika toodet. Peamised toode hõlmab inverter, servo juht, PMSM, PLC, HMI jne Tänapäeval Simphoenix on rohkem kui kolmsada töötajat ja müügivõrk katab kogu riigi ja teiste rohkem kui 60 riigis ja piirkondades.

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  • Simphoenix won the Most Competitive Brand

    China Motion Control and Direct-Drive Forum Summit was held in Shenzhen Pingshan on 17, November. Organized by China Chuangdong Technology, the summit attracted hundreds of industrial talents to di...
  • Meet in July

    Every year, a group of new graduates from all over the country will come to shenzhen and join Simphoenix. They are young, full of energy. With the curiosity to the unknown, a little fear for the so...
  • Simphoenix won “CMCD the Most Influential Domestic brand”

    The second ten-years of 21 century is over in 2019. Faced up with severe pressure and challenge, manufacturing industry is stuck on a kind of plateau of slow growth. Under such background, the”2020... detailid
  • New product release: EM3 series human machine

    EM3 series human machine interface is a new HMI launched by Simphoenix. The new appearance of mental strip drawing is completely integrated into electrical control cabinet. It offers a better visua... detailid
  • 2020 New Year Party

    At the end of year, new year party is always mentioned with the new year movies. On 17th, January, 2020 Simphoenix New Year Party was held in shenzhen headquarter as usual. A grand meeting was succ... detailid